If you're willing to search, you can find a black Santa Claus at the Macy's on 34th Street. Fortunately for the rest of the world, ANIMAL accepted the challenge. Writer Amy K. Nelson took the journey through Santaland to find the elusive, black St. Nick:

After being ushered out of Santaland by other elves and into a line where you wait to view photos taken with your Santa (and pay $20 for a 6×10 digital print) I asked another friendly elf if he could help me see the “special” Santa. “You need to ask an elf, in the maze,” he told me, then descended into Santaland himself to ask for me. About five minutes later, an official-looking woman not dressed as an elf brought me to another lodge (there looked as if there could be as many as three or four different lodges), where a toddler-aged black girl and her black mother were wrapping up their time with a black Santa Claus.

There never was anyone in line behind me to see the special Santa and it was unclear how this woman in front of me knew how to request the black Santa (other black and Latino people were seen visiting his white counterpart). When they were done, I sat on black Santa’s lap and asked him if he was the special one, whether Santa is black or white or just Santa, and that’s when black Santa told me there’s “just one Santa.”

When informed of Megyn Kelly's comments, the man kept in character, basically explaining that Santa is too busy to be worried about whatever the fuck Fox News is talking about. Nelson says a suited man interrupted her interaction with hidden, black Santa to explain that they needed to reach out to Macy's public relations team in order to shoot video. Nelson noted that even if she had done that, Macy's refuses to address why you have to hunt for black Santa and adds that it isn't their policy to have any Santa discuss "race or religion."

Anyway, wouldn't you love to see Megyn Kelly sitting on a black Santa's lap? That's quality footage that might lead to an eye-opening experience. Call it a "Come to Santa" moment.

[via ANIMAL]