Big news for FX's partnership with Louis C.K.: According to Vulture, the cable network has just closed a new deal with the comedian for a handful of new shows from C.K.'s Pig Newton production company. This doesn't necessarily mean that C.K. will be creating, writing, or even appearing in any of the new shows that result from this deal, but he certainly has the option to—and he'll definitely have an executive producer's credit on all of them. 

While the new deal doesn't exactly cover future seasons of C.K.'s current FX series, Louie, it is a great sign for the series: While it's only been renewed through the upcoming season four, if C.K. wants to produce more episodes after, it's pretty much guaranteed that FX would renew the show without hesitiation. Not that it wasn't a sure thing before—but, you know, it's nice to have confirmation. 

The fourth season of Louie is set to premiere on FX this May.

[via Vulture]