Why would anyone punch their mother in the face? In this case, it seems to be due to an unresolved sibling rivalry.

The Smoking Gun reports that last Friday (Friday the 13th, nonetheless), 33-year-old Lewis Atwood was arrested in Casco Township, Mich. for punching his 58-year-old mother, Sandra, in the face "four or five times." Atwood was trimming the tree with his mother, brother and girlfriend, when the sight of an ornament bearing his brother's name allegedly set him off. There was no ornament with his name on it; their mother clearly has a favorite. 

The attack left Sandra Atwood with a bloody nose, as well as a swollen lip and eye. Her son, who authorities say was drunk at the time, sustained injuries to his knuckles and hands. He was charged with domestic violence and taken to jail, where his dumb ass belongs.

Now, he's never going to have an ornament with his name on it. Also, why are so many families fighting over Christmas tree decorations?

[via The Smoking Gun]