Video game maker Al Lowe, who created the classic Leisure Suit Larry series and a 2013 publicly-funded reboot, has called it quits citing a sex scandal involving his publisher Replay.

In an interview with Kotaku, Lowe explained his decision to leave the company was due in part to the recent arrest of Replay Games president Paul Trowe who plead guilty to showing an explicit video to a minor in 2012.

"There were many reasons for my departure, including that incident," Lowe explained. While Replay games still owns the rights to Leisure Suit Larry and may make more games in the future "they'll have to do them without me."

Just last year Lowe and Replay Games launched and successfully completed a public funding campaign for Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded which was released in October for PC. The classic point-and-click adventure game is an edgy, sex-filled romp through loser Larry's life and his misguided search for love.

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[Via Gamespot]