As Krome tells it, his love of technology dates from high school, but his decision to take it to a new level came when he realized that the gaming world lacked an urban voice. And so, this fanatical gamer created a podcast with four friends, which eventually gave rise to the all-things-gaming site AnalogHype.

Krome is an avid collector of both video games and “achievement points,” and while it does take a high level of commitment to earn a virtual trophy, games and gear require a little more tender love and care.

Like any true gamer, Krome is all about the Xbox One right now, and in the video above, he shows us how he maintains his equipment’s fresh-out-the-box condition. From dust in your air vents to scratches on your discs, protecting gaming gear can be a matter of life and death—virtually speaking, of course.

Seeing the meticulous attention Krome gives to his console, controllers, and discs, you really get the sense that this is a passion that runs deep for him. As he puts it, “I love gaming, I love technology, and with my competitive nature, it’s something I really care about.”

For more on Krome, and the immaculate state of his gaming gear, be sure to watch the video above.