Apparently, I'm one of the only few who kind of enjoyed Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. To me, it's a perfect Christmas movie—light, sweet, inspiring, the stuff New Year's resolutions are made of. Also in my defense, I have a heart. Anyway, I do have some bones to pick with Stiller. Namely, why the hell wasn't Kristen Wiig given free range to do her best Kristen Wiig? Sure, there's that weird Benjamin Button moment; sure, she does a bit of singing, but what else? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is about a man who gets lost in his daydreams where anything can happen—this is the perfect time to let Wiig be Wiig.

The film's Blu-ray special features will be stacked with deleted scenes involving weird Wiig scenes, since there are a ton of paparazzi shots of moments that don't make it into the final cut. But considering the film that's currently in theaters, the disappoint lingers. Here are all the ways Kristen Wiig could've been better utilized in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

She can cry on cue. 

She can get sexy.

No need to spend money on additional casting—she can play a younger version of herself. 


Her dignity doesn't get in the way of her craft.

Her forehead can double as a landing pad for Walter Mitty's helicopter.

She's excellent at imitations. 

She can dance.

She can do magic.

She can play the triangle like no one's ever played the triangle before.

She can do her own stunts.


She can do all her own drinking.


She can fit into any given situation.

You're welcome, Casting Directors of Kristen Wiig's Future Movies.

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