Have you ever been deep into a medieval RPG and thought, "Why hasn't anyone ever made a medieval RPG without any fantasy elements?" If the answer to that is yes, Warhorse Studios has something special in store just for you. They're developing Kingdom Come: Deliverance: a new open-world medieval RPG that's based on a historical timeline rather than fantasy lore. This teaser doesn't show off any of the game's first-person combat (just a hell of a lot of bodies in the aftermath of a bloody battle) but they have said Kingdom Come takes place in the Holy Roman Empire during the late Crusades, which would peg it probably around the mid-to-late 13th century. Also, it's being developed with CryEngine, so hopefully the final game will be pretty slick looking.

Frankly, far too few games take advantage of the rich storytelling mines that real world history offers, so this is potentially really awesome news for anyone interested in medieval cultural studies (or RPGs, obviously).

Via Youtube