Just in time to break in your brand new PlayStation 4, that someone better have gotten you for Christmas, Sony has announced a free Killzone multiplayer weekend.

Gamers can get a taste of the new Killzone: Shadowfall's 24-player romp with free multiplayer gaming from December 27 at 6 PM ET that runs until December 31 at 6 PM ET.

Players will have the ability to step into the bloody boots of an elite VSA solider or the dreaded Helghast shock trooper with an unlimited number of deployments throughout the four-day shoot-'em-up. If gamers decide to buy the game after the even all their progress will transfer into the full game mode.

The free multiplayer event is scheduled to take place in both European and North American areas which have been confirmed by Sony in its PlayStation blog. Check out an earlier look at Killzone: Shadowfall's multiplayer here.

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[Via Videogamer]