If you were expecting 2013 to be the year that the Kardashians decided to maybe not go all out on their annual Christmas card, and do what the rest of us do—Instagram heavily filtered selfies—bad news: Judging by the family's newly released Christmas card, it is definitely not the year for that. In fact, the reality could not be farther from that: The family's latest card is their most detailed, and strangest yet.

Is it clear what's going on? Not really—the setting is clearly supposed to be some sort of abandoned wasteland, but once you get past that, you'll find more questions than answers: Are the mounds of tabloids they'd standing on supposed to be commentary on something?  Why are the all standing in front of illuminati symbols? Why is Bruce Jennier trapped in a glass box? Where are Lamar and Scott? And, on that note, where is Rob

There is one thing that's clear, though: Scott, Lamar, and the Kardashian's forgotten son Rob may not be present in this "The Kardashians Take on the Abandoned Amusement Park From Your Nightmares" card, but Kanye West wasn't about to be left out entirely. Though he doesn't appear in the card in person (maybe he's just grown so accustomed to drawing himself into their Christmas cards, as he revealed on Kris Jenner's talk show?) he is in the image—sort of. If you look closely at the stacks and stacks of tabloid magazines that the family is standing on, you'll be able to spot a copy of West's 2006 Rolling Stone cover. See it?

You csn click here for a high-res version of the card.

[via E!]