Good news: After what seemed like a lifetime, the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is nearly upon is. The film is set to hit theaters on Dec. 18, 2013, which means we've got exactly one more week of waiting to do before Ron Burgundy is officially back. That's fine, though, because unlike other films, the promotional materials for Anchorman 2 have actually been quite entertaining—what other film can you name that sent its main character to go anchor a real newscast on a real TV station just to promote a movie? What about another film that sent its main character to go sell Dodge Durangos? That's right. Anchorman 2 wins.

The latest bit of excellent promotion? This interview in Time with star David Koechner, who portrays Champ in the film. Koechner revealed to the publication five hilarious on-set stories about what went down on the set on Anchorman 2, including the fun little fact that the film was almost split into two parts—and that one time that Kanye West did a private performance on set for just the film's editor, Brent White. (As you may remember, West filmed a cameo for the film in Atlanta earlier this year, pre-Yeezus, so he was on set for a brief time during filming.)

On the film almost being split into two:

About halfway through filming, Koechner says the cast and crew realized they loved everything they’d shot and that there would be way too much material for a movie of ordinary length. Thus was born a campaign among the actors: “Let’s Kill Bill this thing!”

Koechner says he thinks the idea of splitting the movie into two was actually toyed with by producers, but that there was no good place to stop in the middle. “That’s very rare,” he says. “Usually you hope you’ve got enough good pieces for a film. On this one you’re like, everything’s so good, pleeeeease!”

On Kanye West's private performance for Brent White:

"Kanye was in the tent with [director Adam McKay] talking about his new album and he rapped the entire cut “New Slaves” to [film editor Brent White], who was sitting in a chair...None of us [cast members] were in the tent; we’re just hearing Kanye rap to Brent White. It was pretty awesome. That’s not going to happen every day. It was a private performance from Kanye West! People would pay a lot of money for that!"

Aaaaaand, forever jealous.

You can check out the rest of Koechner's favorite behind-the-scenes moments over at Time, here.

[via Time]