Refusing to let the law ruin one of the happiest days of his life, an Oklahoma man proposed to his girlfriend while he was being arrested. 

Last Friday, 32-year-old Justin Harrel of Elk City, Okla. was arrested last Friday on outstanding warrants. Harrel was reportedly wanted for obtaining cash or merchandise through bogus check in Washita and Greer counties. He resisted, explaining to officers that he was about to propose to his girlfriend at the city's "Christmas In The Park." Showing compassion, police let him proceed; one officer even reportedly reached into his pocket and pulled out the engagement ring for the handcuffed Harrel.

The beauty of it all? She said yes. "We're best friends. He completes me. He's my rock and I'm his rock. Everybody thinks he's a bad guy and he's not," Elaina Rios said.

According to Elk City Police Chief Eddie Holland, this was "policing at its best with a heart." Not even the Elk City Police Department can stand in the way of love, and honestly, why would they want to? 

[via KOTV]