For the record, it isn't ideal for anyone to pee on anything at Radio Shack or anywhere in public, but it's never acceptable for a grown man to do it. 

Last weekend, 65-year-old John Posey was arrested and charged with public intoxication and criminal mischief for allegedly pissing on assorted merchandise and the carpet of a Paragould, Ark. Radio Shack, resulting in about $800 worth of damage. When police found Poseywho, according to the police report,"smelled of intoxicants"—he had his pants unzipped. Though he first denied any wrongdoing, the truth eventually poured right out of him.

Posey said he had to "pee bad," and when Corp. Kenneth Hall asked why he didn't use the bathroom like a civilized person, Posey explained that stores "usually won’t let you…so I didn’t ask." Closed mouths don't get fed, which leads to public urination and arrest.

[via The Smoking Gun]