Come February 6 Jay Leno will finally abdicate the Tonight Show throne to Jimmy Fallon, leaving the 63 year-old late night host without a job for the first time in years. So will he retire and spend his days discovering cars he's probably forgotten about in his cavernous garage? Not so fast. THR reports that various media outlets are reaching out to Leno, huge offers in hand, to scoop him up after he becomes a free agent later this winter.

Leno and his attorney Ken Ziffren claim they're refusing offers until February, but allegedly Tribune, Core Media Group and CNN—which is currently run by Jeff Zucker, the former NBC president who infamously set the Leno-Conan fiasco of '09 in motion—have all been in some form of unofficial talks. Additionally, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt has stated that he would love to keep Leno in the family, but it's "really up to him." It's no wonder the comedian's talents are so in-demand: he's currently the highest rated late-night host. Whatever his next move is, it'll definitely come with a ton of zeroes.

[via THR]