When a video game Kickstarter campaign shoots for a $27,000 and gets almost 25 times as much as its original goal, you have to figure it's something special. Such appears to be the case for Hyper Light Drifter, an indie 2D action RPG whose design tenets seem to hew close to Zelda while pulling off an aesthetic that's somewhere in the middle of Sword & Sworcery, Journey, Fez and Capy's upcoming dungeon crawler Below (or something. It's a pretty game).

Luckily Rock Paper Shotgun recently put up a new video of some pre-alpha footage, so you can check it out for yourself. Though it's a little slow to get going, once the action picks up, it's pretty clear the game is shaping up nicely, resembling a mature Zelda with an art style with a history you can pick up through arcane environmental detail. Keep an eye out for this one, which hits PC, PS4, Vita and even the poor Wii U sometime next year.

Via Youtube