Big news for fans of House of Cards: In a new press release today, Netflix announced that season two of the popular drama is set to premiere in full on February 14th—a.k.a., Valentine's day. In other words, any plans with your significant other to celebrate will have to be put on hold so you can marathon this. Or, better yet, stay in, order takeout, and marathon it together! After all: The couple that stays up all night streaming Netflix together is the couple that stays together. There have been studies.

In addition to the premiere date announcement, Netflix also released a 30-second teaser for the new episodes in an effort to give us a hint of what's to come next season. It doesn't give away much—we just see Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) pensively smoking a cigarette in a dark room, and that's it—but it does to a good job of setting the tone for what to expect: More of Claire's badassery. Sounds good.

You can check out the teaser above.

[via The Verge]