After releasing that cryptic teaser last week featuring Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) pensively smoking a cigarette, Netflix has finally released the full trailer for season two of House of Cards that actually gives us all a look at what to expect from the new episodes. A few highlights: Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is still insane, the plot still looks as dramatic and wonderful as ever, and yes, that is the same guy who plays Liam McPoyle on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Good eye.

As previously reported, House of Cards pretty much swept the Golden Globe nominations yesterday—in addition to being nominated for Best TV Drama Series, Spacey also scored a nomination for Best Actor in a TV Drama Series, Wright scored a nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama Series, and Corey Stoll scored a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series. In other words, time to watch season one now if you haven't already.

Season two will be released entirely on February 14, Valentine's day, so hopefully you didn't have any other plans with your significant other or something silly like that. After a trailer as great as this, House of Cards gets priority.

[via Uproxx]