Have no fear. When tattoo artist Luke Wessman got the tops of his own hands inked, he decided he was ready to go “all in” and create an indelible symbol that he was “living with no regrets.”

Wessman’s roots are on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a place where going all in is the name of the game. The Wooster Street Social Club is tattooing home, and many of his favorite haunts are within walking distance. He finds one-of-a-kind, often out-of-print books at The Strand, and gets his hair cut every few weeks at Frank’s Chop Shop. His spot of choice for a nice meal and refreshing tequila is the restaurant Jack’s Wife Freda, where the owner is a good friend.

One of Wessman’s favorite memories was his first solo art show in the neighborhood. He and his friends celebrated the show’s great reception with Cuervo tequila—it was truly a moment to savor. For more on Wessman’s life, check out the video above.