A hacker group going by the name DERP has taken responsibility for a DDoS attack last night that took down League of Legends, EA.com, Battle.net, DOTA 2 and other gaming servers all, it seems, in an attack on a single livestreamer, PhantomLord.

Sites were taken down from anywhere between 15-20 minutes to several hours for League of Legends, all in an effort to prevent the Twitch streamer PhantomLord from playing any games or streaming.

A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) is a way for hackers to use a network of compromised computers to attack a single network to cause a server overload and using up all the servers resources making it near impossible for the everyman to use those sites.

PhantomLord is listed as a “professional streamer” on Twitch with over 350,000 followers. Besides being targeted and blocked by DERP, PhantomLord's day got a whole lot weirder when a false police call was placed saying there was a hostage situation at his house. He was temporarily taken into custody as police tried to sort out if the call was real or not. You can watch PhantomLord's side of the story on YouTube here. As for the hacker group DERP, they claim big things on their Twitter but the only explanation offered for the PhantomLord attack was “for the lulz.”

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