A new free update is available for Grand Theft Auto Online adding a spin on classic capture the flag gameplay with a twist of strategy. Strategy plays a huge role as players run decoys, set traps and place obstacles to ensure their enemies can't get too close to the goods.

There are four new modes that include 20 jobs that see players grabbing packages and trying to get away with it. Raid missions have players steal a package then deliver it back to their base to reach a target score. Here are a couple of the set-ups:


Legal highs and bad t-shirts aren't the only things being pushed on Vespucci Beach. Four factions raid each other's stashes for control of the area's 'tourist trade'. Take product back to your spot and it's yours.


Like any military operation, when things kick off at Fort Zancudo Air Base, they escalate pretty quickly. Teams stockpiling weapons to sell on the black market raid each other's bases at either end of the facility. If they get the goods back, they're banked. Nothing's off limits to be used here, including the fighter jets.

Hold missions make players collect and store as many packages as possible at their base to reach a target score. The packages are either on the map or stored at the opponents base, basically ki's open doors.

Block Party

Gang violence escalates in Chamberlain Hills, as block fights block at close quarters. Four factions with two packages each try to raid each other and protect their own stuff. If they get someone else's product back to their turf, they'll have to protect it.

The GTA mode is all about ripping cars. Steal as many target vehicles as you can and stashing them. Including team dirt-bike theft and a job called “Field of Screams” where players mush horde up as many Fieldmaster tractors as possible.

The final new mode introduced is Contend. Contend is where gamers will scrap over a single supply drop that respawns after a score so each team must collect as many as they can.

This new free update will drop automatically today along with a host of fixes and a bit of tuning to the high-revving Grand Theft Auto Online machine.

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