Some savvy gamers have discovered a glitch in the latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online which allows players to travel to the snowy peaks of North Yankton from Grand Theft Auto V's prologue.

Check out the video for a step-by-step on how to reveal the mountains of North Yankton floating over Los Santos' southern shore. While the area doesn't seem to be very developed, players can invite friends over and loiter around the former shoot-em-up town that kicked-off Michael and Trevor's gloriously dysfunctional relationship.

To make the glitch work, players will need a friend to create a invite-only game on GTA Online, then repeat the single player prologue. During the prologue one player is invited to the private session and as if by magic the hidden island of North Yankton will appear. Players can then travel by helicopter to explore the snowy wastes. There are some Easter eggs frozen in Yankton, including some creepy-looking anal probing aliens; shoot at will.

This harmless glitch seems tied to Rockstar's latest update for the game which introduces the beta of a content creator which allows players set up their own death matches and races.

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[Via Gamespot]