Game of Thrones fans, rejoice: it appears that other than the very G.R.R.M.-esque Witcher 3 you're going to have an official GoT game series to look forward to from Telltale next year. After rumors abounding over the past few weeks, the Walking Dead developer announced the existence of their Game of Thrones series at Spike's VGX awards last night.

While the teaser gives pretty much no information other than it being a "new chapter in the saga of Westeros," and that there's a crow (which could be a regular crow or a three-eyed-one) it was confirmed that it was based on the HBO series (hence Game of Thrones and not Song of Ice and Fire), which could be a very good thing. it's unknown what platforms Telltale's Game of Thrones will appear on, but knowing their pedigree, it'll probalby be most of them. More as it develops.

Via Youtube