The Republican National Committee’s attempt to celebrate the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of a Montgomery, Ala. bus went horribly wrong earlier today when the GOP’s Twitter account sent out a tweet suggesting that racism is over. The @gop account captioned a photo of Parks with the sentence “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.” Oops.

Several hours later, the RNC tweeted an update claiming that the “[p]revious tweet should have read ‘Today we remember Rosa Parks' bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism.’” But the correction was too little too late, and Twitter had already begun doing what it does best: hilariously skewering the GOP and its offending tweet. 

Under the hashtag #RacismEndedWhen, which was created by Twitter user @FeministaJones, a seemingly endless stream of hilarious tweets have surfaced, mocking the ridiculous assertion that racism has been brought to its knees. As ever, Twitter has responded with poignant, unforgiving commentary unparalleled by any other medium, reminding us just how great the Internet can be.