[UPDATE] Due to overwhelming popularity GOG.com is taken the free Fallout games off its main page temporally. The deal still exists but due to the massive quantity of downloads will take some time. The free Fallout deals runs for the next two days.

The online classic game delivery service Good Old Games (GOG.com) is kicking-off its annual holiday sale by offering huge discounts and free Fallout games.

Users can download the post-apocalyptic adventure games Fallout, Fallout 2 and the real-time squad based strategy Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Gamers can download the three classics for free for the next 48 hours of the sale. Because of a court settlement earlier this year, the classic games right will ship from Interplay to Bethesda so GOG.com will no longer be able to offer them at the end of this year.

As well as free games, registered GOG.com users will receive Mystery Boxes containing additional free games and other gifts as well as notices of more special sales. The GOG.com community can also vote on one of the two game bundles to go on sale at up to 80-percent off each day.

GOG.com recently announced a 30-day money back guarantee program which will refund gamers in full if game won't run on their newer computers, one possible danger of those good ol' games.

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[Via Polygon]