With the untold numbers of apps available on the iOS App Store, chances are pretty good you missed out on Capcom's brilliant Ghost Trick (or didn't play it in its original DS incarnation). This delightful mystery is about solving the case of your own unexplained murder (Square-Enix's upcoming Murdered is either a loving homage or a blatant rip-off) by way of using your ghost powers to possess objects in point-and-click adventure game-like fashion – and now you can play the whole thing for $1.

Normally this well-written, character driven adventure will set you back $15 – it's free to try, but subsequent episode packs are $5 each, so this is really a steal. It's seriously one of the best games on the App Store, so if you're an Apple user, you don't want to miss this.

Via Joystiq 

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