Urban legend highlight: They get sorority girls super wasted
Believability rating: 4

Like the stuff of sorority girl fantasies, booze-soaked tampons were either invented as some sort of twisted way to haze a bunch of teenage girls and make them do the most humiliating thing possible or a super unsafe way underage girls could "smuggle" booze into a club. The alcohol allegedly soaks through the vaginal membranes and into the bloodstream, inducing a contact buzz, keeping the alcohol from swimming in your stomach and causing you to puke, and giving you no trace of booze on your breath. Despite the strange logic that this should somehow work, it purportedly doesn't. A tampon can only hold about 1.5oz of liquid, and by the time it soaks all that up, it's virtually impossible for it to stay inside the vagina. Not only that, it really burns. Weirdos online claim that it works, but recommend an alcohol enema instead. This, however, can possibly kill you from alcohol poisoning so it's probably best to imbibe the good old fashioned discreet way—with gin. In a cocktail.