If you set fire to your ex-boyfriend's house, the only closure you're gonna get is the door of a cop car and then a jail cell slamming in your face.

Kaelyn Marie Partenza has been arrested after pulling damn near pulling a Left Eye on her former flame's Deerfield Beach, Fla. home last Wednesday, all because she needed closure. Police said that Partenza told them that she, Brian Morris and his new girlfriend had been living in the apartment as a "family." That situation was bound to explode, and did it ever. 

According to Partenza, things got out of hand when Morris greeted her at the door with a shotgun one day. This led to a physical altercation which culminated in Partenza fleeing for her life. Morris reportedly hurled Partenza's boots at her with such force that her arm was bruised.

When Partenza returned to collect other personal belongings, she set the front door on fire using lighter fluid and a cigarette. Morris' current live-in girlfriend had to extinguish the flames.

Partenza is facing obvious arson charges; Morris, on the other hand, has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic violence. These two need to stay at opposite ends of the state.

[via Gawker]