Ninja Theory, developer behind the satanic hack n' slash DmC: Devil May Cry, has a new game out now for iOS. Ninja Theory unveiled the side-scrolling beat-'em-up brawler Fightback last may but was delayed from last summer until the cold dark winter.

Fightback is an 1980s-inspired brawler full of machismo and a blend of cheesy-wonderful action films smashed all together. The game kicks-off with the player's sister being kidnapped and follows with a 100 levels of hand-to-hand combat with the occasional appearance of chainguns and rocket launchers. Everything is touch based and time based, that means you'll be fighting the clock as well as baddies yet there is also an Endless Mode of action too.

Warm up your little fingers with some swiping and pounding your way to vengeance! Grab Fightback here in the iTunes store, an Android version is in the pipe but no release date yet.

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[Via Polygon]