Advertisements are Facebook are already annoying enough. The little sidebar on the left side of the site creepily posts things that you recently searched for, and every once in a while you'll end up clicking on a "Sponsored Post" by accident. Starting this week, though, if you want outrun an ad on Facebook, you better start scrolling faster. 

Auto-play video ads are rolling out this week, the company announced. After letting videos auto-play that were shared by your friends and other verified pages you follow, ads from brands you don't follow will start popping up in your newsfeed on the desktop and mobile version of the social network. The roll out won't come nationwide all at once, but will slowly be implemented a few users at a time. There's no way to stop the videos from playing, and Facebook says that the best way to skip an ad is literally just doing that: scroll past it. If you're interested in seeing how this will look like, check out the video below: 

[via Read Write]