The year that is 2013 is almost a wrap, and though you might have your own thoughts on how it went, there's the Facebook version of it, too.

The social network just released its data behind the year's most talked about trends, and you can get in on the action. First off, though, we have the most talked about topics from around the world. Pope Francis comes in at numero uno, while the biggest event of last week, the death of Nelson Mandela, made it to number 10 on the list. Surprisingly (depending on who you ask), Miley Cyrus made it to number seven on the world's list, while not even cracking the top ten here in America. The most talked about trend here in the states is, of course, the Super Bowl, with the government shutdown coming in right after at two. "George Zimmerman" was the seventh most talked about topic, due to a combination of the Trayvon Martin trial and his recent domestic violence arrest. The Harlem Shake, which feels like ages ago now, made an appearance on both lists at number five. 

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Facebook is letting users check out their own top 20 moments of 2013, click here to find out yours (hint: it's when your girlfriend broke up with you for being on Facebook too much.) Head to the Facebook Year in Review website for more data from different countries, including the world's top life events.