Think your job is rough? Try being the general manager for the Cleveland Browns. In director Ivan Reitman’s upcoming sports drama, Draft Day, the focus is on the tension and break-neck pace of the NFL draft, one of the holy days of the offseason. Starring Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver, the GM in Cleveland, Draft Day looks to bring fans into the behind-the-scenes world of the National Football League in a way that no film has done yet.

This isn’t taken from a factual account of the sport like Moneyball was, but Draft Day still looks to have a great deal of authenticity behind it. Reitman is in need of a hit after a string of disappointments, and he’s looking to do so with this sports dramedy. Will it work? Watch the trailer above and see for yourself.

Draft Day will hit theaters on April 11.

[via Collider]