Domestic violence is unacceptable. Never lay hands on your partner, as they might go to great lengths to defend themselves. Judging by this man's mugshot, that's precisely what his wife did.

Bartlesville, Okla. native Derrick Maynard was presumably drunk off whiskey when he started throwing objects at his wife. Judging by the face tat, he doesn't care too much about anything. His wife told authorities that he retrieved his pellet rifle, loaded it and pointed it at her, saying "you deserve to die." After he punched her in the head multiple times, she retaliated by repeatedly kicking him in the face. Down went the intoxicated Maynard.

Police arrived, scraped him off the ground and arrested him for suspicion of aggravated assault and threatening to kill his wife. This comes while he was in the midst of finishing 52 weeks of court-mandated domestic violence counseling.

Some people only learn through tough love, which he'll get plenty of in jail.

[via Gawker]