DayZ is the stand alone version of the incredibly popular mod for ARMA 2 by the same name that allows gamers to survive in an enormous map while crafting weapons and forcing groups to stick together or risk being overrun.

The early access of DayZ dropped yesterday on Steam letting gamers into the alpha build – an early, generally unstable versions of the game – to romp around amid the bugs and glitches that will be worked out for the game's final release. But for gamers who've been waiting after multiple delays and don't mind dealing with helping developers solve bugs, then game on.

DayZ got 88,000 survivors to join the fray in the first 12 hours, equalling about $5.1 million in sales after just 24-hours. Developers Bohemia Interactive CEO Maruk Spanel revealed that after 24 hours 172,500 copies of the game have been sole while 142,403 players were online at once.

Bohemia Interactive has warned that this is still a test but gamers willing to buy the game now yet don't want to bug hunt will still have the game when the final version comes out.

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