Recently the success of graphic novels and comics being imagined into video games is at an all time high. Now, comic book publisher Dark Horse is jumping on board and is looking to bring one franchise series to consoles.

The idea on the table at Dark Horse is turning the ever popular Sin City series into an open world GTA style game.

Nick McWhorter, Director of Custom Projects at Dark Horse, recently talked about the idea in an interview with Playstation Universe.

"Sin City, I always imagined to be a really cool open-world game where you really experience that city through the different characters. Look at what they’ve done with GTA 5 where they have three character’s perspectives. Imagine them doing that with the black, white, red and yellow and doing some cool open world game with cars, characters and brawling, utilizing the story in the seven books that have been created."

There's been no confirmation from Dark Horse on when the project will begin or who the developer will be, but Telltale Studios could be a viable candidate with their recent success of The Walking Dead game.

With plenty of material to pull from, it looks like Dark Horse could be on to something epic.