Last night the folks at TV Line revealed exclusively that Morgan Saylor and Morena Baccarin, Dana and Jessica Brody, will not be returning to Homeland as regular cast members for the Showtime drama's fourth season. The news led many a Homeland fan to say "good riddance," as the Brody family are hardly favorites, but instead a glaring domestic distraction in an espionage series that theoretically should have no time for their melodrama. Whether or not this means Brody himself will not survive the finale remains to be seen. But what's most important is, barring any probable cameo appearances, the world has endured the last of The Misadventures of Dana Brody. Say goodbye to the hit-and-runs, topless pics, and star-crossed love. In honor of one of the most annoying characters in recent television history, here's Dana Brody reacting to her firing through the five stages of grief.



More anger (Dana's not about that bargaining life)



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