Sometimes when you're trying to market a startup, you gotta do things a bit differently. 

Fancy, which recently dropped the "the" from their original name, The Fancy, just released a new commercial that stars our good friends Damon Dash and Cam'ron. The ad features the two coolin' out at a table with Dame telling Cam what Fancy is, and how it's a good way to sell their expensive jerseys. Fancy, for those who don't know, is a retail site that's setup in somewhat of the same style as Pinterest: quality, big photos that show off a product, but with a discreet link to buy the product at the bottom. Fancy recently raised about $53 million in funding, with some of that coming from Will Smith himself. The company has been linked to both Kanye West and Nas as well.

The Dame and Cam commercial breaks a little ground outside of not just who it stars, but where it debuted. Fancy chose to release the ad on WorldStarHipHop, opting for the place known for parking lot fights over YouTube and Vimeo, places where most big tech companies usually release their online ads. Even though we got love for Cam and Dame, and love that the company chose to go an unconventional route in releasing the ad, overall, the ad ain't that great. Even though Forbes estimated that Fancy earns about $3 million in revenue a month, it seems they must have only taken on quick trip down to the ATM to fund this commercial. Literally. It's only Dame and Cam checking out the Fancy delivery girls, and Cam saying, "Her name is Fancy? That's her name?" just before the girls walk in slo-mo. If you had two legends at your disposal for a commercial, you could probably do a little bit more than that.

[via ValleyWag]

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