Two people have been accused of cooking meth—not chicken wings—in an Auburn, N.Y. apartment. 

On May 9, the Auburn Fire Department responded to reports of a grease fire at an apartment. where they found Daniel M. Van Luven, 44, and Dawn M. Royea, 42, with severe burns. They told police a grease fired started when they were cooking chicken wings, but authorities quickly grew suspicious regarding the lack of physical evidence. 

While Luven and Royea were taken to the hospital, the fire department called police to check the scene for criminal activity. A witness told them they heard a man screaming "It's on fire," and another reported seeing Royea in flames, rolling on the ground and screaming. Police eventually found a couple of two-liter bottles in the woods near Royea's apartment. 

The bottles tested positive for meth, and warrants were issued after the results were presented to a grand jury. Van Luven was arrested at his apartment in Moravia on Tuesday while Royeawho is already serving a a sentence at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women following a drunk driving convictionwas taken from jail to be arraigned, then sent back to the facility.

[via The Auburn Citizen]