If you haven't yet begun watching Jerry Seinfeld's wonderful little web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee for whatever reason—maybe you've been putting it off, or just didn't think it was for you—take this as motivation to begin. It's the season three trailer for the web series! And, as always, it looks great: There are appearances from Tina Fey, Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K., Howard Stern, and Jay Leno, amongst others. There are cool cars.

And, most importantly, THERE'S A DELOREAN.

If you need a quick rundown of what the show's about, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Seinfeld and various comedians drive around in cars to get coffee. At one point, Seinfeld and Louis C.K. are on a boat. Howard Stern also has the perfect summary for you all: "This show isn't really a show. It's just for you to drive around in cool cars." 

You can check out the trailer above. To check out old episodes the web series, head over to its official site, here.

[via Vulture]