On New Year's Day, marijuana will be legally available for recreational use in Colorado. Smokers are counting down the days. Authorities in the state are doing the same, but for different reasons: They're afraid there won't be enough weed for the excited customers to purchase and smoke. A conflict between supply and demand could result in a rocky start for legal weed in the state, which officials really don't want.

Though upwards of 100 stores have been approved, licensers estimate that just 12 will be ready to open at 8 a.m. on Jan. 1. Denver councilman Charlie Brown voiced his growing concern to Time. "If we have 10 stores open…we could have people camping out overnight with cash in their pocket," he said. 

Look, people love weed, but it's unlikely that they're going to camp out or riot for it like they're Jordans. In fact, weed is probably easier to get than some Jordans (for some folks, at least)—legal or not.

[via Gawker and Time]