Today marks the official release of the Coen brothers' 16th film. They're American masters, two of the greatest artists working in any art form today. Even if their latest, Inside Llewyn Davis, were a brick (and isn't; it's excellent), their status would still be unimpeachable. Let's talk titles: Miller's Crossing. Barton FinkFargo. The Big Lebowski. No Country for Old Men. Those are all universally regarded as classics, to say nothing of smaller efforts that deserve props, like A Serious Man.

There isn't one thing the Coens do poorly (unless you place a high value on having a sunny outlook on life). They operate at such a high level of excellence, you could begin talking about what makes their movies work with just about anything. Cinematography. Editing. Narrative control. Subtext. But let's talk about characters. The Coens have given us so many. What does your favorite Coen brothers character say about you? 

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