If you're still scratching your head over what exactly happened with Resident Evil 6, a new report on the series' core user base may come off as even more confusing. Coming from Capcom itself (the report is, oddly, on its investor relations page and available in English), the company is now reporting that RE's main user base is now in its late 30s to early 40s. In an effort to liven up the aging series' appeal, Capcom is apparently partnering with Japanese youth fashion magazines to theoretically drive up the young people's interest levels.

So, if the average Resident Evil player is between, say, 38-42 now, that means they would have already have had to been 18-20 years old when the original game was released in 1996. As someone that was playing the first Resident Evil much younger than that – and knowing a lot of people that were as well – this seems like a weird claim for Capcom to make, at least if it's including overseas fans. 

Also, you have to wonder how that reflects the Call of Duty-ized RE6, which certainly seems much more like a game made for teenagers than adults. Either way, it's an interesting claim from a developer that increasingly doesn't seem to know what to do with one of its oldest flagship series.

Via Siliconera