The California Department of Public Health has decided to halt Sriracha production for 35 days, shutting it down for the remainder of the year in a heartbreaking turn of events for fans. 

The CDPH ordered Huy Fong Foods to stop shipping the beloved hot sauce until the middle of January. This is one of the new regulations the company will have to follow after the plant was ordered to cease operations last month. LAist says that the CDPH has not offered a reason for why they stopped Huy Fong's shipping, which only further pissed off the restaurants and wholesalers who rely on their Sriracha supply. 

This news comes after Judge Robert H. O'Brien ordered the plant to stop producing Sriracha following complaints about unbearable odors emanating from it. The result has been mounting tension between the city of Irwindale, Calif. and Huy Fong, and this latest development has done nothing to improve the relationship between the community and the plant.

[via LAist]