Guccifer has struck again. The hacker behind those leaked photos of George W. Bush's artwork and the leaked scans of Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell's next novel has moved on to a new target, according to The Wire: None other than former President Bill Clinton. And the stuff he leaked is pretty amazing: They're doodles that Clinton doodled while in office, mostly on a White House notepad—only one is on an official document.

Now, presidents doodling while in office is no surprise—doodles from most presidents, even George Washington, have been saved in the past, and many are on display at presidential libraries. Clinton's, however, were never officially revealed, and for years the Clinton administration has refused to release them for unspecified reasons. Now, we know, this is probably why. While the majority of them aren't particularly noteworthy—there's an American flag, some dude, a limo (with a very happy driver, how cute!), a dragon, amongst others—it's all only amusing...until you get to the one of a penis.

Then it's hilarious.

As The Wire reports, Gawker got a hold of the images from Guccifer (who got them by hacking Clinton's e-mail), and were the first to post them for the world to see. As you can see, the penis doodle just so happens to be on a secret White House document about former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milošević, which makes it even funnier—as does the simple fact that it's Bill Clinton drawing a penis, possibly before the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

You can check out the images, courtesy of Gawker, above.

[via The Wire]