2013 may be remembered as the year that the Internet was civilized. When viral videos and memes first burst into the public consciousness, there was a sense that Internet explosions were random. A kid in front of his computer making funny faces and dancing now had a shot at rising to instant fame and a guest spot on Ellen. It is still possible to come from total anonymity to Internet fame or infamy, but now there are systems and channels ready to profit from your newfound virality. This year, Miley Cyrus shocked us, Grumpy Cat compelled us to LOL, and Upworthy clickbaited us, but more so than ever before, the content we consumed felt branded, packaged and planned. The Wild West of the Web has come to an end; in 2013, "going viral" is left as much to corporate planning as to chance. It's hard to tell what will capture the right Redditor's imagination, but rest assured, whether it is a pop star, a cranky kitten, or a foul-mouthed sorority girl, t-shirts will be pressed, Funny or Die videos will be shot, and money will be made. You watched the video, made the meme, and bought the t-shirt, and now we can look back at The Biggest Internet Sensations of 2013.