After Sharknado just about took over Twitter when it aired this past summer, it became clear that it would take a real pop culture event to beat out its insane Twitter record—like, say, Beyoncé releasing a brand-new "visual album" with absolutely no promotion. That would do it. According to Mashable, when Beyoncé's album quietly debuted late last week on iTunes, it managed to quickly amass a total of at least 1.2 million tweets, and 5,300 tweets per minute.

Sharknado's record? 5,000 tweets per minute—and that's with tons of advertising.

From the report:

The stunt, at its peak on Twitter, sparked more than 5,300 tweets per minute — higher than the previous record set by the hubbub around Syfy's Sharknado (5,000 TPM). For further comparison, NBC's Sound of Music Live! netted 449,540 tweets during the three-hour show.

Mashable adds that on Facebook, mentions of Beyoncé spiked a total of 1300 percent after the album dropped.

[via Mediabistro]