Author: Dave Bry
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
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Full disclosure—I read Dave Bry's Public Apology because I work with him and he just wouldn't shut up about this book. Every day with this guy, just going on about how I had to read it, and then apologizing to me for all the strong-arming.

Kidding aside, Public Apology changed my relationship with Dave. Now I know all this stuff about him. Like, more than you expect to know about a co-worker. This series of letters to friends, family, strangers, and Jon Bon Jovi that Dave wronged at some point in his life, arranged chronologically so that it reads like a kind of memoir, is hilarious and poignant.

Each letter is an act of apology, and so, to pay homage, I'll apologize to you, Dave, for exaggerating the conversations you had with me about your book. You mentioned it to me once. I just played it up for the purpose of this blurb. I'm sorry.

Your friend,

Ross Scarano