Batman: Arkham Origins was kind of a bummer, huh?

The whole thing came off as kind of rushed and buggy with every D-lister villain making a guest appearance like it was the "TKO (Black Friday Remix)". Firefly and Electrocutioner? You spoil us, Arkham Origins. Not to aggravate the over the jeans, denim dryhump that was Origins, but there's an amazing looking Batman arcade cabinet getting a Japan. Sorry.

The elegant and simply named, Batman is an open-world, racing game that will players to pilot multiple iterations of the the Batmobile through the streets and skies of Gotham. Vehicular combat can be expensive considering you're going to be pumping quarters into this thing, but the developers have got you.

“We knew the Batmobile had to drive really fast to give the player the level of excitement we wanted, but being able to take 90 degree corners at city intersections while driving hundreds of miles-per-hour was a real challenge… To solve this, Specular engineered a unique driving physics model that allows players of any skill level to drive the Batmobile at insane speeds and still make those 90 degree corners like a pro Hollywood stunt driver, and without giving up any player control over the car.”

So, even if one were to suck at racing games, the game is still going to make you feel like a fucking boss.

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