Now that Infinity is over, Marvel is shifting directions and bringing in new threats to square off against The Avengers. And in Avengers #25, the team will face its most bizarre threat yet when their past selves arrive in the present, complete in their old school costumes. But are these Avengers friend or foe? Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, this issue marks the beginning of a new story arc for the book that is perfect for new fans to pick up. Take a look at a brief synopsis and some preview art from Larroca below:

They have come from a different place and time – and today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AVENGERS #25, from blockbuster creators Jonathan Hickman and Salvador Larroca. United against threats no single super hero could withstand – the Avengers have faced dangers unlike any other. But what happens when the danger is themselves? From the splintered fringes of time comes….the Avengers?! And the heroes of the past must face the horrors their present has wrought.

[via Marvel Entertainment]