Apple's new Mac Pro is one of the sleekest and beautiful personal computers out there—but beauty comes with a price.

The new machine, which goes on sale today, costs $3,000 at its lowest price point. Yet, this base will see its price balloon dramatically if the customer decides to beef it up at all. With a 3.7 GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5 processor, dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics chips with 2GB of video memory, and a 256GB solid state drive, it's a powerful machine geared toward people who are in need of heavy duty memory and storage, like video editors. But, once things are added to the base model (and there are a lot of things to potentially upgrade), like, say, more storage or processing power, the price can shoot up to more than $9,000. 

Check it out:

There probably won't be millions of people lining up to buy the Mac Pro, but it's powerful enough that it will definitely attract wealthy buyers. Though you can pay for the device now, it won't be ready to ship until February—so hopefully you get something for Christmas that will be able to distract you until then.

Hey, at least there's a nice cup holder at the top of it to look forward to.*

*Not a cup holder.

[via Apple Insider]