Infidelity can get so very, very ugly.

A Texas doctor has been accused of threatening her husband's mistress about learning about their affair. Houston Ben Taub General Hospital medical director Angela Siler-Fisher, 42, was charged with trespassing and harassment after breaking into 35-year-old Marcelle Mallery's home.

Siler-Fisher's husband, Brandon Fisher, called to warn his fellow Baylor College of Medicine radiologist that his wife knew about their extramarital dealings and was headed to her house to do damage, so Mallery fled with her children. Siler-Fisher called Mallery twice on the way to her home, striking fear into her heart by threatening to "dislocate her vagina."

Surveillance footage showed her entering the home by kicking the doggy door in. Once inside, she scattered condoms (unused, thankfully) and wrote "Whore" and "Homewrecker" on Mallerty's bedroom mirror in lipstick, then texted Mallery a picture of the carnage. 

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Siler-Fisher will appear in court on Dec. 11. Hopefully, she's calmed down by then.

[via The Smoking Gun]