Drones are slowly taking over our skies thanks to the government, and are becoming more affordable to the general public, but they probably won't be vital to getting packages delivered to us in Amazon's vision of the future, according to eBay's CEO.

Amazon recently revealed their plans to launch a fleet of drones in cities across America that will aim to get customers their goods in under 30 minutes, but eBay CEO John Donahue doesn't believe the hype. Donahue went on a televised interview with Bloomberg TV, and dissed Amazon's plans for the future. "We're not focusing on long-term fantasies," Donahue said. "We're focusing on things we can do today." Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told CBS' "60 Minutes" that their fleet of drones would be ready by 2015 and will deliver within 10-mile delivery radius of the product center. Yet, such things as this can't phase eBay, apparently. "I think bold innovation is important," Donahue continued. "Our focus on innovation is around commerce."

The company launched eBay Now earlier this year in Chicago, Dallas, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas in NYC, and the San Francisco Peninsula areas. The service lets customers order product from local participating stores, and have an eBay shopper delivery the package in under an hour for $5. Which is probably not too bad of a choice, considering drones can crash, and you wouldn't want people trying to shoot your package out of the sky. 

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[via Bloomberg]